Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Caricaturist mini-convention

These are from a Caricature mini-convention I did.


This is a commission for a guy who wanted himself behind a drumkit, sorry about the bad photo.

A Christmas Gift

Here is 1 of the many Christmas gifts I did this year.

Colour event work

Heres some live work I did in colour.


Heres a wedding picture I worked, which I did the live work to.

More event work

More event work

Black and white Event work

A couple from some events.

live beach drawings

I have added some of my old work to this blog.
These are some longer live drawings from the beach.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A new beginning

Sheephairjon is no more and has now been turned into JPA studios.
So slowly the new website will get up and running www.jpastudios.com
This will be split into 3 sections, fine art, caricatures and cartoons.
I will transfer some work from the old blog onto this just to fill it up a bit until I get some new work ready.