Monday, 10 August 2009

Fabio Capello caricature sketch

Ciao mate!

Chesea V Man Utd

Sunday Morning I get a phone call to say that a free ticket for the Chelsea V Man Utd game was mine if I wanted it and to meet my sister and her boyfriend outside the ground. I could not believe my luck, so I put on my Chelsea shirt and went down to meet them only to find we were in the middle of the Utd fans, AAAhhhhhh. I had to my sisters boyfriends jumper during the match and waited until the Utd fans had gone to cheer. Great day.

From one end of the boat race to the other

After working in Cambridge last week this week I was in Oxford, Henley-on-Thames at the start of the famous boat race. Both places are really beautiful and are worth a visit. Sorry no caricature pics this week.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Cambridge University

Had a gig at Cambridge University, never been there before. What a great place, I took some snaps with my iphone so not the best quality. Caricatures were last ones of the night.

70th birthday caricature

This is a caricature I did for a 70th birthday party along with live drawing at the party.