Saturday, 22 September 2007

Having Fun

Ok, I'm starting to approach the way I work in a different way now. Basically I care less what people think as long as I'm happy with my work than thats all I'm worried about. I spent so long doing gig after gig that I found the enjoyment of the work slowly fading as it became my job. Although I love doing live work I did not need to take as much on as I was doing, so I have stepped back slightly still doing live events just not as many, concentrating more on commisions and illustrations as well as my fine art work. This seems to have done me a world of good, relaxing and just enjoying what I'm doing which is really why I started this in the first place.
I'm now drawing how I want to draw without worrying about the out come, people either like it or don't and I'm now happy with that, I have not had any complaints anyway. So here are a few recent ones which I had a real laugh drawing, sorry no reference photos I will have to start trying to get some while I'm working, it just slows me down:(

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